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Public relations program, Nosotros project on agenda


January 02, 2001|By RICHARD MONTENEGRO, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — In its first meeting of the new year, the City Council here will discuss and possibly take action on issues ranging from the adoption of a public relations program to Calexico Tissue Co.'s loan agreement with the city Redevelopment Agency to the Nosotros Park project.

The council will meet at 6:30 tonight in City Hall, 608 Heber Ave.

In an attempt to create a formalized public relations program as requested by the council, Calexico City Manager Rich Inman will present council members with several possible components to such a plan.

Inman said the information he intends to provide will act as a "starting point" from which the council can either add or subtract to any public relations program it wants.

Among those components could be media relations, employee and public relations and special events coordinating.

"The purpose tonight is to see what degree (the council) wants the program, how broad they want it," Inman said, adding once that is determined the council can look into what kinds of resources can be committed.


The City Council will convene briefly as the Redevelopment Agency board tonight to discuss, among other issues, the Nosotros Park project and the terms of a loan agreement executed with Calexico Tissue Co.

Employees with the paper company and a local Teamsters official appeared before the council last week to discuss efforts to unionize the Calexico plant and reported resultant threats workers have received from the company officials. The council asked the loan agreement that recently saw $360,000 in RDA moneys lent to the firm for expansion of the plant be re-examined.

Inman said the council can have nothing to do with any unionization efforts. However, he said the council wants to see if it has any leverage in assuring that those employed at the plant are Calexico residents.

Convened as the RDA board, the council is expected to make a decision on adding both funding and additional work to the first phase of the Nosotros Park project on the city's west side.

The council last week asked that a running track and water service omitted from the first phase to cut costs be put back into the plan.

After bids for the entire project came in at $1.3 million with only $750,000 available for work, city officials scaled back the project.

However, a recent $10 million bond issue by the city will provide the funding necessary to build the park as first envisioned.

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