Probe: January 3, 2001

January 03, 2001

A NICE PLACE TO LIVE — This is in response to homesick in El Centro. The way I see it, if you don't like it here, leave.

I hate it when people move here and they start complaining about how hot it is, no snow, no season changes. I say they should go back where they came from.

I like it here because it doesn't snow and it rains only once or twice a year. This is a nice place to live. — Contented, Imperial

What bugs us is when we are vacationing with relatives and we're sitting in their living room with sweat pouring down our neck and dripping into our shoes and they say, "How do you stand living in that hot Valley?"


All we can say is thank heaven for our hot summers. If we didn't have the heat, we would be contending with wall-to-wall people.

QUESTION: I was out of town during the Christmas holiday so I just read about the family who cried together on Christmas because they had no presents and no food. Did you get any response to their situation? — Responding, El Centro

We got a lot of response. Although the family had a blue Christmas, they had a nice New Year's Eve.

A pizza store delivered pizza. Some PROBE readers took toys and food, even money.

The single mom said she never considered herself "underprivileged" and blamed her present situation on a job change.

We hope the kids see the experience as tapping into the Christmas spirit. Someday they can return the favor by helping somebody else who can use a little help.

ANGEL UPDATE — The lady who wanted a guardian angel doll for her sister in the Marine Corps got the doll Dec. 29 just in time to give it to her sister before she shipped out on her overseas assignment.

The Imperial Valley chapter of the Angels of Liberty Ministries, Inc., is alive and well. We are still meeting the fourth Tuesday of every month, except July, August and December.

Each angel is put together and blessed at a local church before it is given to someone who needs one.

Those who would like to help may reach me, Jan Noblitt, at 353-3163 or — Jan, El Centro

Thank you for letting us know our PROBE reader's "little sister" in the Marines got her angel doll.

MOVING ON UP — Dios guarda Virginia Horn, Bret Kofford and all of you sweet dear people who wake up in the morning and go to work every day to produce the newspaper.

I have a subscription. After I read each copy, I take it to the lunch table at the Los Angeles County Sanitation District transfer station in South Gate where I work. You would be surprised how many guys read it. — Love, South Gate

We're glad you're doing so well. When you first started writing to us, you were driving a manure truck — and we thought relishing what you saw as the symbolism for the direction your life had taken.

By the way we never did get our "Pancho Villa" birthday celebration off the ground.

Tell the guys at the South Gate transfer station we said hello and happy new year.

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