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Our Opinion: Cutting the grass?

January 03, 2001

First let's say we understand Calexico is having problems with the Nosotros Park project the City Council did not expect and likely could have done nothing to prevent.

Still, that doesn't explain the idea any city official or staffer may have of building the park without grass. That makes no sense. There are enough empty lots around the Imperial Valley. What we need are more parks where children can safely run and play and enjoy the experience.

Over the past few years the city received $750,000 in state funding for the project, most of that brokered by state Sen. Dave Kelley. Kelley sponsored a bill that was to provide additional funding for the park project this year, but there was some mix-up that to this day we do not understand.

Apparently, someone submitted legislation, separate from that from Kelley, to provide $150,000 for the placing of trees in Calexico. In the end, Gov. Gray Davis did not approve the funding for Nosotros Park, although the money for the trees survived.


While we are always happy to see allotments for beautification, we are not pleased when it comes at the expense of an even more important need.

The unexplained loss of the money has meant the city cannot do all it desired with Nosotros Park. While that may not be the city's fault, of all the corners to cut on a park project we find it hard to fathom officials axing landscaping, in particular putting in grass. We cannot understand how that has even been discussed.

A park without grass would in no way serve the needs of Calexico's children and other residents. What you would have is a dirt lot covered with rocks and trash that could prove dangerous for kids. We would think landscaping is the one thing you would make sure the park has.

You can build a park and put nothing but grass in it and kids will find a way to turn that park into something they can enjoy. A park with grass is perfect for soccer, baseball, softball and football. It's great for tag or any other game kids might invent.

It sounds, based on comments at the recent Calexico City Council meeting, that council members do not support a park without grass. We urge the council to continue to find ways to make Nosotros Park come to full fruition.

We realize that is no easy task, but city councils often are asked to do a lot with little, and $750,000 is more than a little.

With that $750,000 landscaping should be the first priority, not a bottom one.

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