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Brawley gets $800,000 grant for drain, road repairs

January 03, 2001|By ANTHONY LONGORIA, Staff Writer

BRAWLEY — The old water district area in the eastern section of this city will soon see some improvements to its streets, as the city was recently awarded an $814,000 state grant.

The water district lies from Eastern Avenue to Best Road and is bordered by River Drive to the north and Malan Road to the south.

Improvements to the area's drainage system as well as fixing open drains on Best Road are all part of various projects to improve the infrastructure of the area.

Along with the grant, the city will use county Measure D road improvement money along with additional city money to fund the project, which will total $1 million for the scheduled improvements.


The city has already spent $3 million for upgrades in the area.

City Manager Jerry Santillan said the improvements were necessary because the city was concerned with public health and safety in the area.

According to Santillan, the old water district was once a part of the county and therefore was underdeveloped because it didn't fall under the jurisdiction of city standards for roads and drainage systems.

A preliminary design has been drafted and Santillan expects the city to award contracts for the improvements within six months.

Brawley Public Works Director Manuel Aceves said the improvements would begin by the end of the year.

Aceves also noted improvements such as those planned help spur development in an area, which creates a greater tax base for the city.

Aceves cited the recent improvements to C Street, which are similar to those planned for the old water district area. Aceves says those improvements helped spark interest from LLR Development to create 34 single-family residential lots in the 1600 block of the street. The City Council conducted a public hearing for LLR Development Tuesday night regarding that residential development.

Staff Writer Anthony Longoria can be reached at 337-3452.

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