VOICE of the People:

January 03, 2001

Many reasons to support Bush as president

For Ramas "Mo" Morrison, who wants to know why he should support Bush as president-elect, here are some points why you should.

First, he said Christ changed his heart.

Second, he doesn't believe in killing babies before they are born. Some people believe the woman has a choice to kill her unborn child and at the same time defend a murderer from being put to death for killing someone. Sounds like a mixed-up world.

George Bush was elected fairly and squarely by the people. Because some people didn't know how to operate a ballot to vote doesn't mean that they should get them counted when there was not a standard to judge the ballots.


The Supreme Court did not appoint the president-elect. They only stopped the counting due to the many ways that the ballot was being counted, especially when it was being done unfairly.

It is easy for people to say the court appointed the president-elect to salve their conscience.

As to the majority of the people not voting for him, the Constitution calls for the president to be put in the office by the Electoral College.

If the president was put in office by majority vote, then the big cities would always put the president in office. As the Constitution expresses by the Electoral College, look how many states voted for Bush. These states would never have a voice in the election if the election was by the majority vote.

The planners of the Constitution were wiser than they ever realized.


Fort Wayne, Ind.

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