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Voice: Kofford's column on Laura Bush was snide, immature

January 09, 2001

I write in response to the mean, miserable, nasty, snotty column about Laura Bush written by Mr. Kofford, who should never presume to write a column about women or a woman. He simply is in way over his head.

I'll begin by saying there is nothing "googly" about the eyes of Laura Bush. She has beautiful eyes, and they sparkle with the quiet charm of an intelligent, self-composed woman who has no need to jiggle or bounce around like a high school cheerleader. I wonder if it could have crossed your small mind that she may well be a "steel magnolia." Do we remember Roslyn Carter? For that matter I think Hillary Clinton has lovely eyes. Not only that but she has had the good fortune to be supported by that great Huey Long constituency that has moved itself from south to north. How lucky can a girl get?

As to having a first lady called by three names, Mrs. Clinton is the only one who comes to mind. I was very small when FDR was elected president in 1932, but I do remember Mrs. Hoover was known as Lou Hoover. Mrs. Roosevelt was always Eleanor Roosevelt; although she could have been Eleanor Roosevelt Roosevelt since that was her maiden name. However, a woman with her class and good breeding would have properly concluded that that would have been just a bit much.


After the Roosevelt era (I personally expected to be dead before it came to an end) we have the lovely Bess Truman for a F.L. Then came Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy (we knew she was a Bouvier, but it wasn't stuffed down our throats), and Lady Bird Johnson was always just Lady Bird. She did not expect us to call her Mrs. Claudia Taylor Johnson. She had too much class for such silliness, and so it went — Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Roslyn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush — until we got HR. That was her preference, and so be it.

It appears Mrs. Bush is happy to be known as Laura Bush. I seriously doubt many Americans are losing any sleep over her maiden name, and why should they? What a bunch of rot you advance.

The saddest part of the whole column, for me, was to learn that your dog seems to have a positive response to your infantile ways. I have always held dogs in the highest esteem, so that came as a low blow, indeed.

May I say you wouldn't recognize a lady of Laura Bush's caliber if she came through the roof in a parachute and landed on your desk.

It is good that you are protected by the First Amendment, and I am restrained by the bonds of common decency, or I'd really tell you what I think.



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