Jan. 9. 2001 PROBE

January 09, 2001

QUESTION: How long will it be before one of those young skateboarders at Valley Plaza Shopping Center gets hit by a car? They jump over the wall into the street.

I am not against kids skateboarding, but for heavens' sake, not on Imperial Avenue.

I am amazed at the number of kids out there. There must be 20 or 30

I went to the Bell Game in November. The Central High team had only 23 players. What happened? Is it possible traditional sports like football are no longer cool? How sad it is that youngsters forsake a sport like football that can have a valuable character building influence. — Worried Adult, El Centro

Why do you think football is more effective in building moral character than skateboarding? The behavior of some professional football players belies your belief. There are probably various reasons for Central having a relatively small football squad, including cultural.


Nor do we know of any evidence that football is safer than skateboarding. There may be statistics somewhere that would settle the question but we haven't seen those numbers.

El Centro Police Chief Ray Loera said he's seen no reports or complaints of skaters jumping the wall onto Imperial Avenue.

But, he said, "It wouldn't surprise me if they did."

GLOWING MEXICAN CEMETERIES — Reading about the so-called glow of the old Imperial Cemetery reminded me of stories my mother used to tell me.

I came to Calexico when I was a little boy. My parents were born in Mexico. My mother didn't say cemeteries glowed but she did say there was a luminescence about them. Since then I have heard other people speak of a glow or luminescence in cemeteries in Mexico.

It may be caused by the phosphorus released by the decaying bones. As a reporter and the PROBE writer, we think you should go out there and check it out — Sage, Calexico

You want us to go out there to see if a ghostly light rises over Imperial's old cemetery? We're not going!

Maybe we can send a PROBE operative out there. Don Quinn used to carry out these missions for us.

He claims he almost got killed when he went to a bar in the 900 block of Main Street in Brawley checking out a rumor that Mexicali prostitutes were working the area. He confirmed the rumor.

Then he went over to Holtville and almost got killed again, this time by a jealous husband or boyfriend. He talked his way out of it.

Then he checked out reports that a woman danced regularly in the nude on a bar in Seeley. Quinn was fearless.

But we never asked him to sit in a cold dark cemetery waiting to see a light.

OUT ON FORRESTER ROAD — My wife and I saw a golden retriever on McCabe Road between Forrester and Brockman roads.

It was running like it had just escaped from somebody's yard. It was a nice dog. I'll keep watching for retrievers. If I see one, I'll call you. — Dog Watch, El Centro

Thank you!

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