Voice: Holtville hoopsters weren't thinking

January 10, 2001

This is an open letter to the members of the Holtville High School basketball team who were involved with the incident in the mountains.

Well, boys:

Your recent actions demonstrated the "me, me, me" attitude you were supposed to have outgrown in third or fourth grade. You were so intent on having a party that you did not stop to consider the consequences of your actions. And I am not referring only to the reprimands against you individually. I am thinking about the effect your actions had on those around you.

You jeopardize the integrity and the eligibility of all your teammates, not just your own. Did you think about that?

You betrayed the trust and goodwill of your hosts for that evening. You put them in an embarrassing public situation. Did you think about that?

You may have caused a decent, deeply Christian man to be relieved of his coaching position. Does he deserve to have that happen? The only thing he did wrong was to think that you were responsible athletes. Did you think about that?


You have made it necessary for the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Vega to make unpleasant decisions, decisions that will be criticized by factions of the community, no matter what those decisions are. You have once again brought controversy to our community. Did you think about that?

And I am sure you have brought embarrassment to your families. You have put your parents in the awkward position of trying to defend you when your actions were indefensible. Did you think about that?

Once your suspension has been served, you will go back to life as usual. But the repercussions of your actions will impact your school and community long after. I think you have lost the respect or stature that these people might have awarded you. Please, think about that!



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