Voice of the People: The election was far from fair, and bipartisanship isn't happening

January 11, 2001

"Bush won the election fair and square" a Republican writes.

Oh please, give me a break. If anything we found out our voting system stinks! Here we can send a man to the moon but we cannot develop a more uniform system that will make sure every vote is counted.

Here we are sending U.S. observers to other countries to monitor elections when in our own back yard there are all kinds of irregularities. If one follows C-SPAN you can see all kinds of voters were disfranchised and in Florida Bushes were guaranteed to win by the Florida Legislature. And then there was this Nickelodeon poll that has always picked the winner so far!

The world has a hard time understanding this kind of democracy, where the majority will of the people in a democracy does not count. Those large land masses with small population representation idea was not that smart after reading how the forefathers allowed only selected people to vote.


Then wouldn't it be easier for the religious right to influence a smaller mass of people with their impractical, ancient thinking? It scares me to see this country run by the religious right.

You want to know an impractical idea you push on other people? The Catholic Church is against contraception even in the Third World countries where there is not enough food for everybody. I'm pro-child. Take care of the uncared for millions of children right now.

I know most Democrats will have a hard time accepting the Bush presidency that was given (not won). For me it's just like swallowing a horribly tasting pill that Dr. Democracy ordered, but the bad side effects of this "pill" will affect us all for a long time, like an imbalanced Supreme Court, for example.

Bush ran on a "compassionate" and "centrist" platform but we have already seen his true colors from his very conservative cabinet, although he did fulfill the promise of diversity.

For now I won't blindly reject Mr. Bush as our president. I have a wait-and-see attitude, unlike you Republicans who tried to topple President Clinton from the first day with your high holy moral standards.

Give the man some credit. What a story. A young American from a not-so-rich upbringing is seen shaking hands with President Kennedy, and the young man later on becomes president himself for two terms.

For God's sake, give the man some credit. You Republicans have complained about the government taking taxes. Look at our neighbor Mexico. Where is their economy? Why is the U.S.A. the "richest" economy? Because of a stable "rich" government that provides the infrastructure and amicable environment for business to grow. That is attained because the U.S.A. has the best tax-collecting record.

A final thought. Aren't the religous organizations that woo your money another bureaucracy between God and human?


El Centro

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