Three accidents in Valley linked to dense fog

January 12, 2001|By MARCY MISNER, Staff Writer

Police responded to at least three fog-related vehicle accidents this morning around the Imperial Valley, with no serious injuries reported.

The first crash occurred shortly before 7:30 a.m. at Interstate 8 and the Dogwood Road ramp, which was closed for some time after the incident as law enforcement crews worked to clear accident debris.

A Calexico police officer on his way to work witnessed the accident, which involved a Pinkerton Security pickup and a tractor-trailer rig. Neither driver appeared to be hurt, the officer said.

El Centro police responded to the accident but little information was available this morning.

El Centro police also responded to an accident at Third Street and Commercial Avenue about 8 a.m. when a Gonzalez man ran a stop sign in his vehicle and was broadsided by another vehicle.


Francisco Dascadua, 42, of Gonzalez was driving his sport-utility vehicle south on Third when he ran the stop sign, said El Centro police Sgt. Jeff Mason, adding Dascadua was unfamiliar with the neighborhood and thick fog limited visibility to between 30 or 40 feet.

Dascadua's vehicle was broadsided by a westbound car on Commercial Avenue driven by Maria Villa, 42, of El Centro.

Dascadua ran his SUV into a chainlink fence and narrowly missed a power pole. Mason added a metal pole atop the chainlink fence could easily have decapitated a passenger in the vehicle had there been one.

Both vehicles sustained moderate damage and were towed from the scene, Mason said.

Villa complained of pain to her hand but told officials she would seek her own medical treatment, Mason said.

"Although the investigation is in the preliminary stages, the inclement weather will probably be a factor in this collision," Mason said.

California Highway Patrol officers were responding to another non-injury collision near Dogwood and McCabe roads about 9 this morning. No further information was available about that accident this morning.

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