Voice: Heffernan board is being righted

January 12, 2001

I wasn't expecting the Imperial Valley Press to say anything good about the Heffernan Memorial District board on Jan. 7 in Our Opinion.

I think it's a little to early to judge the newly elected board members with one month serving on the board. I'm very pleased with the few meetings we've had. There are many issues to be resolved and I'm positive that we can do it.

The community has suffered great damage and lost its confidence. I have no doubt we need a good functioning hospital with sophisticated equipment, lab, X-ray, pharmacy and other departments. My first priority is to assure the community that we are making efforts and using skills to do just that.

This is not the only or first city in which some problems caused a hospital to close. If we point our finger and ask who is responsible for this, we will only be wasting our time. Instead let us focus on the problems and try to resolve them.


I'm asking the community to get involved and attend the board meetings.

Unfortunately you the writer have a different point of view about me. The others (1,343 voters) think different and are convinced I can do the job.

In regard to Cindy Aguilar and Jack Anderson, the board intended to do what's best for the community. Regardless of the outcome the board will stay focused on the issues.

There is no sinking ship. We barely changed the oil and are ready for our journey:

To the I.V. Press, I will accept your criticism. I'm proud to serve on the Heffernan Memorial Hospital District board with one purpose in mind: to provide the community with the medical attention it needs.



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