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Voice: Bush cabinet signifies return to the bad old days

January 12, 2001

Ever wonder how a Bush cabinet might look? Recently I've read several comments in this newspaper from Della Farrer and Ramas "Mo" Morrison and I thought I could be of service and add to the paper trail.

Did you ever wonder whether we might have an attorney general who has received an honorary degree from Bob Jones University, blocked a black judge from being appointed to the federal bench and has placed the overturn of Roe v. Wade among his priorities?

Or better yet, a labor secretary who's an outspoken opponent of affirmative action and her tenure as head of the Civil Rights Commission during the Reagan administration is most remembered by her opposition to major civil rights policy?

We also have an energy secretary who in 1999 sponsored legislation to dismantle the agency and who voted for drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.


Then we go to the interior secretary, who was an advocate of private-property rights and a protégé of James G. Watt under President Reagan who led a group favoring free-market alternatives to regulations and whose nomination was immediately touted by the American Land Rights Association.

And last but not least, a health and human services secretary who was recently criticized as "one of this nation's staunchest opponents of a woman's right to choose" and an education secretary who supports vouchers.

So tell me, are we ready for the 1980s once again?


Washigton, D.C.

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