Probe: January 12, 2001

January 12, 2001

QUESTION: A tree-removal service left a note offering to buy my palm tree. I called the company and arranged for the removal.

When the tree men failed to arrive, I called. The company spokesman said he was no longer interested in my tree because there is a "quarantine" on Imperial County palms.

What's the quarantine and when will it be lifted? — Palm Proprietor, Holtville

Some, but not all areas of Imperial County have Texas root rot, an infection also known as ozonium root rot, reports Charlotte Murray, who holds the ominous title of deputy of exclusion for the county Agricultural Commissioner's Office.

Most counties don't want ozonium in their counties, said Murray, who can lift the quarantine on a specific tree growing in an ozonium-free area.


Murray understands the fear of her counterparts elsewhere. Imperial County has its own protective order against palms growing in areas with an infectious microbe named lethal yellowing palms. So does Riverside County.

Both counties grow date palms and guard against the infection that can cause the palm fronds to turn yellow and kill the trees.

QUESTION: During the holidays I took my daughter to Valley Plaza in El Centro to have her picture taken with Santa Claus.

I thought they would send me a card when I could pick up the photo. I didn't get a card. Do you know how I can get in touch with Santa so I can get my daughter's picture? —Waiting, Calexico

Call Hour Photo at 353-9400.

OLD CEMETERIES — Your readers seem interested in old cemeteries. Here's a list of the ones I have found while roaming the desert: Amos, Flowing Well, Flowing Well Memorial, Glamis, Hedges, Tumco, Imperial, Ogilby, Old Niland, Potholes — Desert Hand, Brawley

OK, readers, if you want to know more about the above graveyards, visit the Website for the historic cemeteries of Imperial Valley. The Internet address is:

ANOTHER DOG GONE — Our golden retriever was stolen from our back yard Sunday. He was wearing a collar with his name, his identification number and our phone number.

We have looked everywhere and now we have an ad in the paper offering a reward. I don't think we'll get him back. — Mourning, Calexico

If anybody sees this dog, call Miriam at 768-1565 at home or 351-2913 at work.

A GOLDEN RETRIEVER — I don't think I have anybody's recently lost dog. I have a golden retriever given to me two months ago. I would be willing to give it to somebody who lost his or her dog (or anybody else). — Dog Donor, Calexico

Something is going on here. We can't believe there is a massive theft ring concentrating on golden retrievers. Those pooches are climbing the fences and running away from home.

But OK, if you want a free golden retriever, call Natalie at 337-4830.

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