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Thank You: Praise for her writing has a special place in her heart

January 15, 2001

Margarita De Necochea's letter to the editor (Dec. 21) was music to my soul. It came at a time when I was wondering whether I was wasting life's last precious hours in writing.

All writers need feedback. We need to know when we reach out to touch someone, we make contact. Non-commercial writers — those of us who write for the joy of writing rather than for wealth or fame — need to know that what we write is worthwhile and fills a need.

Posthumous tributes can do nothing for anyone, except perhaps to comfort the bereaved.

But when we pay our respects to a living person, we not only provide feedback; we inspire and encourage that person to do his or her best.

When someone's words or actions have special significance for us, we should tell them this is so.

I believe God has a special place in heaven for those who, like Margarita, reach out to praise what they believe to be good, right or true.


Thank you, Margarita. You have given me the courage and the spiritual strength to continue the type of writing I think God wants me to do. I have preserved your letter to the editor to reread when self-doubting beings. It is the nicest letter written about me in all of my over 50 writing years.



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