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Voice: Student admired Marshall, wants to know why he was transferred

January 15, 2001

I am a student currently attending Frank Wright Intermediate School. I have had to go through the change of principals firsthand. Those of you reading this letter have probably heard about the demotion of our former principal, Mr. John Marshall. The adults of our community have given their thoughts on this matter and I, as a student, would like to share mine with you.

Mr. Marshall was probably one of the best parts of Frank Wright. He cared about us as though we were his children. If we wanted to talk to him, he was there to listen and not hiding behind a door marked, "Principal's Office." If he was busy, he would tell us a time and place where we could talk to him.

Of course he was strict at times and punished us when we were bad. I think that those are characteristics that a good and caring principal, even parents, will have.


Mr. Marshall wasn't "all punishment." He rewarded us when we were good. He even let himself be used as a target with a whipped cream pie when we reached the goals he had set for us.

I heard from a teacher who has been at Frank Wright for a long time that before Mr. Marshall showed up, the school and its students were in bad shape. He fixed it up and made it what it is today. If I am correct, last year he had us start working harder and our SAT-9 scores went up.

I think Mr. Marshall put the "pal" back in principal for me. Right now I don't think that him being demoted was the right thing for the school board to do. I think that the parents and the students of the community of Imperial have the right to know why he was demoted.

Right now at school there are just rumors floating around like butterflies about why Mr. Marshall was demoted. I don't think that those rumors are fair to Mr. Marshall or for those of us who want to know the truth of why he was demoted.



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