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Voice: Kofford's satire on Laura Bush immature, unfair

January 15, 2001

Bret Kofford: The occasion of my letter is to express umbrage upon reading your opinion piece of Jan. 3. I found your characterization of Laura Bush as that of a "mannequin" to be offensive. Upon what wisdom do you draw?

Frankly, I think many great men of this century have had wives who did not compete with them for attention. I believe the widow of Martin Luther King was almost unknown until his tragic death, and although I believe Cesar Chavez had a wife, I can't recall her name and I wonder if many Hispanics could, either.

I've never seen the wives of astronauts gazing "googly-eyed" as you put it, at their heroic husbands, nor have I viewed the wives of Nobel Prize winners worshipfully gazing at their spouses. I wonder where Mrs. Billy Graham is when her husband receives international accolades. Who knows what Mrs. "Stormin' Norman" looks like?


A women who is comfortable with herself, possesses self-confidence, is self-assured and secure in the knowledge of her self-worth does not need to live vicariously through her husband. Nor does she have to strive for greater recognition than her husband may have attained.

Laura Bush is one of thousands of American wives who possess considerable intelligence, is well-educated and has achieved her own success — apart from and unrelated to the success of their husbands. To diminish this fact is untenable.

Your remarks concerning Mrs. Bush's priorities as first lady, although a poor attempt at humor, are unbefitting a man of your obvious age and stature — sophomoric and degrading. In a nation healing the wounds of a very divisive campaign and election, we would be better served by accurate and unbiased news reporting than by immature attempts at editorial satire.



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