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Voice: Marshall did much good for Frank Wright Intermediate

January 16, 2001

In regard to the John Marshall affair at Frank Wright Intermediate School in Imperial:

Our grandson has a learning disability and had been a student at Ben Hulse Elementary School. After several years of social promotions he was sent to Frank Wright with a fourth-grade level education.

At that particular time John Marshall was the vice principal at the high school.

Our grandson said it was nothing for kids to have weapons and/or drugs on the school grounds at Frank Wright school. There was no dress code. He was allowed to go to class with a wet swimsuit under his clothes after his physical education class. He told his mother he had to sit on the floor in class in a wet swimsuit under his clothes. This is when she discovered the lack of supervision in the P.E. department. She then called the school and requested the problem be corrected.


Evidently the school personnel didn't care but if Mr. Marshall had been at Frank Wright school he would have taken care of the problem.

Why should the school remove a man who is caring, respected and has improved the school in so many ways be removed from his position?

What is this world coming to? Child-approved and child-run schools? Or parents running schools for their own personal benefit?


El Centro

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