VOICE of the People

January 21, 2001

Declaration of the Greater Community

The Greater Community is based on, extends from and is the essence of government for the people at the local level.

It encompasses: you and your family and home, your neighbors and neighborhood, the town, agricultural and open spaces, the school, marketplace, work place, etc.

It is given that the Greater Community shall have: pleasant surroundings, jobs for the work force, jobs and workers in close proximity, ease of travel, a clean environment, freedom and opportunity, leisure time activities


The Greater Community is pursued through the greater government projects, i.e.

(1) Land use and the environment

(2) Power

(3) Water

(4) Economic development

Therefore, it is given that the greater government projects shall be Greater Community-oriented.

Just as it is given that the people, and the candidates and representatives of the people, shall walk in the qualities of enlightened being, it is given there shall be enlightened living within the Greater Community, based on individuals being respectful, responsible and supportive.

Enlightened living reduces the need for societal government. So it is that there shall be natural government within the Greater Community.

It is given that Imperial Valley shall become a greater and greater community.


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