Voice: Environmental movement to blame for state energy crisis

January 23, 2001

It seems the people of California want to blame their electrical crisis on the power companies. Well, the people of California need to place the blame where blame is due and that is at the people of California backing the environmental movement!

It's not the fault of the power companies; the environmental movement has done everything in its power to stop the building of power facilities in California and the West.

It seems the people of California want their cake and eat it, too. For years the power companies have been selling power at a loss just to keep the lights on. Well, it has finally caught up with them.

The environmental movement financed by Robert Redford along with Bruce Babbitt and Barbara Boxer has closed off lands for gas drilling, mining and exploration that could provide coal, natural gas and oil. This has been ongoing for some time and is catching up with California and our expanding country.


It's been the policy of the environmental groups along with the support of Hollywood movie stars to convince the Democrats to fence in the West. Just look what Clinton did in Montana without Montana's permission. Montana had already created the scenic Missouri Breaks without the help of Clinton.

Over and over Bill and Al have been stealing land from the American people. The use of natural resources must happen and can with a balance of environmental protection, but this isn't enough for the extreme environmental movement.

California has created such a hassle to build any kind of power-generation facility that companies won't do it because of years of needless and expensive paper-pushing, just to be defeated. California extremists have done their best to stop all mining, natural gas exploration and oil drilling that now you have to rely on other states.

Sure, you have all these scenic state parks and closed-off lands to mining but now you have a state of emergency. It seems you want your gold chains, rings, fast cars, computers and lighted, heated stores but you don't want to allow those who rely on these industries for jobs to provide you with these things.

Look what you have done to the logging industry; go spotted owl. It seems that California wants to fence in the land for playgrounds but you don't want to sacrifice to create electricity. Well, California, wake up, reality is on you. Here's the best part: Not only are you short electricity, this will cause all the other amenities such as food to start rising in cost. Just watch what happens in the next few weeks.

Just as Boxer and Babbitt shut down the Glamis Gold project in the Imperial Valley yesterday, thus causing the loss of about 150 jobs, you can personally thank them for your energy crises.

California, you have made your bed. Now sleep in it.


Butte, Mont.

(Temporary resident of Calipatria)

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