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Our Opinion: Yes, we have a president

January 23, 2001

For any doubters who continue to think we do not have a president, the fact is we do. On Saturday George Walker Bush was sworn in as our 43rd president, ending one of the most controversial presidential elections in history.

This important event means the controversy over the election has ended and, whether you voted for Bush or former Vice President Al Gore, it is time as citizens of the United States to support the president sworn into office Saturday by Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Rehnquist.

Bush has four years in which to prove himself a man qualified to be president. If voters decide he has not done so, then in 2004 they will have a chance to replace him.

Bush appears to be doing everything he can to unite the country. He seems to be making strides, perhaps more so than any other president, to create an atmosphere in which Democratic and Republican leaders can work together rather than against each other. If our leadership is divided, nothing will get accomplished.


Many Democrats and Republicans in the Texas Legislature have complimented Bush on the unity he helped create while serving as governor of the Lone Star State. If he has similar results in our nation's government, how can we argue against that?

Bush has his work cut out for him. Those who think the wrong man was elected by an outdated election system should not use that to fight him in his efforts. Bush was elected under the law of the land. Those who think the system should be changed should lobby for that change, but not to the point of working against Bush before he has a chance to prove himself.

We like to think the country will unite around Bush, at least long enough to give him that chance. That doesn't mean we should give up our own political beliefs. It doesn't mean we shouldn't watch him closely. It doesn't mean people should forget the controversy surrounding this presidential election.

We should take a close look at our election process and see if amendments are needed.

We must be ever vigilant with any politician and his or her promises, to make sure he or she best represents the nation and its citizens.

Still, Bush will have the greatest chance for success and this country will remain strong if we can find a way to unite. It seems Bush is willing to try. We have to do our part, too.

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