January 23, 2001

QUESTION: PROBE readers helped us so much at Christmas. I have another issue: child support. I told you I got only $4.60 in December.

If I had received my ex-husband's child-support payments, I would not have needed help from the community.

I called my ex and he told me his boss sent two child-support payments in December. One check was sent Dec. 6 and a second Dec. 19. I didn't get either check. Can you find out what happened? — Struggling, El Centro

Deputy District Attorney George Holbrook said a county family support caseworker spent Tuesday trying to track down your support checks.

"We think there was a glitch in his employer's office, that the checks were never mailed," Holbrook said.

He promised to keep trying and get back to us today. Hang in there.

With any luck you should have the money in a week or two.

QUESTION: Can you alert senior citizens in Westmorland that the kids from St. Joseph's Catholic Church will clean the yards of seniors Saturday? There is no charge.


They cleaned my back yard so well last year I hardly recognized the place. My dog didn't know where he was. — Senior, Westmorland

OK, seniors, if you want to confuse your dog, call Maria Engracia Gutierrez at 370-8973 or ring her beeper at 344-6016. Gutierrez will send a crew to your place.

SPRING SCENTS — After winter comes spring and a new generation of skunks. I have a remedy for skunk stink that's a lot better than tomato juice.

It's Kafko Oil Eater. You can buy it at Costco. When a skunk sprayed my dog, I sprayed the dog with the oil eater, then shampooed him.

It really works! There was just the faintest scent left but that faded in a day or two.

It left the dog's hair and skin dry and a little itchy. I put a conditioner on it. That seemed to help.

The product works on the oil in the skunk spray. It's the oil that holds the odor. Break down the oil and wash it away and you get rid of the smell. — Heloise, Holtville

OK, readers, if your pooch gets skunked and you shampoo the beast with this product, let us know if it worked for you.

If you get skunked and you use it on yourself, let us know how that worked.

Heloise told us the spray worked on the grease on her stove hood. First she sprayed it with Kafko Oil Eater, then with cold water, then wiped away the dissolved grease with a cloth.

It works on anything greasy. Just don't spray it on glass or you'll never wipe away the film, she said.

GOING TO A WEDDING — A couple of months ago you found a van with a wheelchair lift for a Holtville woman.

My friend is getting married and she needs a van with somebody to take her grandparents, 80 and 89 years old, to the wedding and stay to take them home again. Do you think a PROBE reader would do that for her? — Friend-of-the-Bride, El Centro

OK, PROBE readers, if you have a van with a wheelchair lift and you're willing to take this elderly duo, you can go to the wedding and even go to the reception.

Weddings are fun. If interested call 344-3550. If you get no takers on this deal, call a taxi. At least one El Centro taxi called the Holtville woman and offered to drive her 92-year-old mother to her medical treatments in El Centro.

By the time this was worked out, the woman was too fragile for the wheelchair so she made her twice-weekly trips in an ambulance. She died in November.

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