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Voice: Kofford a name-caller

like a totem pole

January 23, 2001

Bret Kofford: Reference is made to your recent article concerning Laura Bush looking like a mannequin.

Several things come to mind. One would be to paraphrase the Bible; i.e. he/she who calls someone a mannequin, with hair, should throw the first strains of hair. The other quote comes from my parents, my teachers and my minister; i.e. don't call others names, which you wouldn't want to be called.

These came to mind when I first read your article concerning Laura Bush and you calling her "mannequin" or googly-eyed. My Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary has no word: "googly." Further, the 2000 edition of the Oxford Dictionary also must have accidentally omitted your word. Most interesting! And teachers wonder why the English language is going to hell in a hand basket.

Now, onto the more important part of your article, using other notable quotes. You must really know what your fingers do on that computer keyboard, or all you write is not factual.


But, you are right; there is no comparison between Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton needs to seek professional help — she stayed with her husband after what he did in the Oval Office to young girls. Most women wouldn't, unless they had a hidden agenda, or she was/is cheating, but it just hasn't come out yet.

If you want to discuss accomplishments, what about the failed health care program! Republicans and Democrats refused to go along after 18 months, and millions spent by that committee. After that debacle, the White House wouldn't let her near any new proposed programs.

About the mannequin name tag: What about totem poles? You know, the ones made by the Aleuts in Alaska? They are carved from trees and are usually bald at the top, much like another at this newspaper. Talk about your wooden mannequins, the last time you and I were in a room with other people, you stood there much like a totem pole. At least, my friends can attest, I have more hair than you and to go back to paraphrasing, I can pitch the first wad of hair because I do.

Finally, my wife keeps insisting your articles belong on the bottom of a bird cage. Stop calling people names, unless your hide is thick enough to take the punishment. What else can we expect from a left-wing, liberal press?


El Centro

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