Probe: January 24, 2001

January 24, 2001

QUESTION: You said a few years ago that Graham Mackintosh was back in Baja California researching another book. This time he was going down the middle of the peninsula. As one who loved his "Into a Desert Place," I can't wait for the new book. When will it be out? — Baja Buff, El Centro

It's out. We got a copy for Christmas and we spent last weekend vicariously walking from Tecate to Loreto with Mackintosh and his burro, Mision.

The three of us visited all the Baja missions in between and picked up considerable history of the peninsula.

Mackintosh will be at the Book Nook in El Centro from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday to sign copies of his new book, "Journey with a Baja Burro."

It was hard for us to believe Mackintosh made his first Baja trek 17 years ago, walking all the way around the peninsula.


When we read the first book we had just returned from a week in Mazatlan. We still had a yearning to see more of Mexico than a plane ride to a Mexican beach resort. We were wild to know what lay beyond the Bufado 20 miles south of Ensenada and La Paz.

Mackintosh gets lyrical about kicking back on a wild Mexican beach drinking cold beer and listening to the surf.

We can get just as lyrical about spending two whole days drinking Mexican coffee, reading a Mackintosh adventure south of the border while listening to the Gypsy Kings.

When he eats we find a sandwich.

We had to substitute tuna for grilled rattlesnake or roasted rabbit but we always had cold pure water to wash down our sandwich.

TOM MIX WASH — Tom Mix died Oct. 12, 1940, 17 miles south of Florence, Ariz., when he ran his car into a wash that has since been named Tom Mix Wash. He was killed by a suitcase in his car that hit him in the wreck. There is a monument on the site. — PROBE reader, Brawley

That must have been a hard suitcase. Thank you.

QUESTION: Has anybody sliced a sugar beet thin and deep-fried the slices? It seems you would have something like a sweet chip. If you cut the beet into strips, you would have something similar to French fries that taste sweet. — Thinking, Niland

We asked a lot of people but nobody had deep-fried sugar beets in any way, shape or form. We're going out on a limb but we don't think the delicacy would be sweet.

We once sawed off a slice of sugar beet and it tasted more like wood than a snack.

MORE TAX ASSISTANCE — At H&R Block in Brawley, we help people file claims to get their property tax rebates. We charge only $25. Renters, blind or disabled people also can get assistance. — Tax Preparer, Brawley

To get the state renter's assistance, you must be 62, blind or disabled with a household income of less than $33,993.

Homeowners or renters may call (800) 338-0505. Select the homeowners' and renters' forms option, then follow the recorded instructions.

You probably can do this without spending money for help. One PROBE reader told us that he got a state check this week for almost $500.

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