Thank You: Native-American Club winter holiday thanks

January 24, 2001

This winter holiday season the Native-American Club of Southwest High School honored 40 Cucapáh tribal elders and their families. We did this because we wanted to thank them for keeping, continuing and passing on the old ways.

The club members worked very hard and were determined to raise the money to purchase most of the food themselves. They performed an exemplary job and I am proud of them (Adriana Villarreal, Jacqueline Diaz, Kelli Holmes-Pechtl, Daniel Alvarez, Olga Guijarro and Lorraine Lopez).

The club thanks the local businesses that joined us in this endeavor by collecting and/or donating food, clothes and gifts: Costco, Chorizo Factory (Mexicali), Raphael's Gifts & Healing Arts (proprietor Grace Sesma) of El Centro, Orgyen Rinchen Ling TCC (founder Venerable Lama Lhanang Tulku Rinpoche, Tashichulong, Golok, Amdo, eastern Tibet).

A special thanks to Eva Ford, Jessie Ford, Shombe Ford and Ken and Gina Meadow for providing gifts, food and entertaining the children.


We also thank Nick Nice, Valerie Nice, Isela Diaz, Jacqueline Regalado, Tom and Paige Turini, Vicky Richards and friends of Raphael's for so generously donating food and gifts.


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