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Voice: The hypocrisy of NOW

January 25, 2001

It is unbelievable to this woman (I am not Republican nor Democrat) that National Organization of Women would not support President George W. Bush. His administration has hired more women and minorities to powerful cabinet posts than any other administration, including Clinton's. (Gen. Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice have openly stated their support for women's abortion rights — truly amazing that Bush would hire those pro-abortion!)

It is because NOW is not an organization that supports women in politics?

Is it because NOW does not support women who have been sexually harassed by powerful politicians?

Is it because NOW does not support women who suffer inequitities in the workplace?

Is it because NOW does not support women who are anti-abortion?

Is it because NOW is really not interested in supporting women?

Everyone is wondering, "If they do not support women, how can they call themselves an organization for women?"

NOW, and rightly so, is taking a media bashing for its lack of support for all women. It appears that Ms. Ireland and her comrades are only interested in one issue — abortion. Clearly, President Bush does not wish to make Roe v. Wade an issue for his administration, and that attorney general choice, John Ashcroft, admits Roe v. Wade is settled law and he will uphold it. It does not seem that this law will get challenged anytime soon despite their feelings on the issue.


If NOW is complaining that Bush won due to a 4-3 Supreme Court vote, I need not remind Ms. Ireland that Roe v. Wade also won by a slim 4-3 Supreme Court vote as well. Is the law that legalized abortions any less legitimate than Bush's presidency? I think not.

The hypocrisy of NOW is so transparent that when one looks at this organization and its fixation on only one issue, from a philosophical standpoint, NOW is not an organization that promotes women but one that promotes murder. Perhaps Ms. Ireland should think about removing the "W" from its name.



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