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Anderson loses seat, Ray Falcon appointed to board

January 25, 2001|By RICHARD MONTENEGRO, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — Ray Falcon joined the Heffernan Memorial Hospital District board here Wednesday while Trustee Jack Anderson lost his seat to excessive absences.

Falcon, who narrowly lost his bid for one of three hospital board seats in the November election, was appointed to the board by a 3-0 vote.

"I am happy to be on the board. I hope I can do something and get this show on the road," he said this morning. "I think the board is on the right track to eventually seeing if we can get a hospital."

Falcon replaces Cindy Aguilar, whose resignation was accepted by the board last month.

Hospital board Chairwoman Norma Apodaca said she is pleased to see Falcon on the board because of his genuine interest in helping the community bring a hospital back to Calexico.


Meanwhile, the board took action to officially relieve Anderson of his hospital board seat, approving 3-0 a resolution declaring a vacancy.

According to the state health and safety codes, the term of a board member expires if that person has been absent from three or more consecutive regular meetings or three of five consecutive meetings.

Anderson had not attended a hospital board meeting of any kind since October.

Said Apodaca: "It's sad, sincerely. He was doing so many things, trying to help us in so many ways, but he never called and never appeared.

"I actually called him and he promised to send a letter or make an appearance (at a meeting), but he never showed up," she added.

The hospital district's clerk will forward the board's resolution to the county clerk, with the intention of filing the vacancy.

A notice of the vacancy must be posted in at least three places within the district for at least 15 days before any appointment can be made.

When Aguilar's resignation was announced and the notice of vacancy posted, Falcon and Calexico resident Mark Perrone filed applications with the district.

It wasn't known this morning whether Perrone's application would be forwarded for consideration of Anderson's vacancy.

Apodaca said, "We do need someone else. It would be nice to have someone in there from the business community or medical field who could give is ideas or someone who is willing to work 100 percent."

District administrative assistant Henry Legaspi said this morning the vacancy would likely be filled at the district's next regular meeting Feb. 7.

The district board governs Calexico Hospital at Blair Avenue and Highway 98.

Staff Writer Richard Montenegro can be reached at 337-3453.

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