Probe: January 25, 2001

January 25, 2001

QUESTION: I went with my son to rapper Gregory Isaac's concert last week in San Diego. I went because I like Isaac's music. I had never been to one before.

Everybody was drinking beer and smoking marijuana. There were plenty of police officers and security guards, but they just ignored it.

When the concert was over, everybody spilled out of the concert, all high as a kite, piled in their cars and drove way. None of the cops raised an eyebrow.

Why didn't the cops do something? Everybody was breaking the law and they just ignored it.

There was so much marijuana I had some caught in the tread of my sneakers when I got home. — Displeased Mom, Calexico


"Why would you take your son to a place like that? And why would you stay when you saw what was going on?" we asked.

The mother responded, "My son is 22 years old."

We ran her story by Richard Montenegro, our music editor.

When we got to the marijuana in her sneaker sole bit, Montenegro asked, "Did she smoke it?

Anyway, Isaac is a reggae performer, not a rapper, corrected Montenegro.

"You don't go to a reggae concert looking for wholesome, family entertainment," he said. "There's always marijuana at a reggae concert."

The cops ignore it because they can't do anything about it, according to Montenegro.

"You can't arrest 500 people," chimed in another person in the newsroom.

Anyway, the cops don't worry much about reggae concerts.

"Nothing bad happens at a reggae concert … nobody gets killed. Everybody's too stoned for violence," Montenegro said.

Thanks, Rich, for making our Calexico mom feel better.

SUGAR BEETS TASTE FINE — My son called me today. He said somebody in PROBE wanted to eat sugar beets and you said they taste like wood.

When I lived in Imperial County I raised sugar beets and I ate a lot of them. You won't find a better-tasting vegetable anywhere if you pull them when they're young and tender.

When we thinned the crop I would take some home with me and cook them myself. They taste like the red beets.

If you're going to try this, choose beets no more than 1.5 of an inch in diameter. You can eat the green tops as well. They taste like fresh spinach.

If you pull beets from a farmer's field, he won't mind if you just pull them where there's a double (two sharing the same spot). — Ex-Farmer, Sacramento

If we get hungry enough we'll cook up a batch of sugar beets and greens.

ON TAX BILLS — We don't handle the homeowners' assistance program but we did put the information on the back of the property tax bills we sent out. We have another phone number people can use to reach the program office to ask for a form.

The number you had in PROBE is good but so is this one. We tried both. — Tax Collector, El Centro

As we always say, you can't have too many phone numbers. If you get a busy signal on one, you can call the second number. The second number is (800) 852-5711.

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