Youth sports: Local junior wrestlers fare well in San Diego

January 26, 2001

SANTEE — Local junior wrestlers competed at the Sultan Open wrestling tournament at Santana High School here over the weekend.

In the rookie division Brawley Gladiators Marcus Prado (40) took first and Nick Torres (40), Anthony Nuñez (45) and J.J. Morales (55) placed second. Imperial's Timothy Lovio and Brawley's Brian Hernandez (45) earned thirds.

In the bantam class Brawley's Oscar Lizarraga (55) took first. Imperial's Quinten Likos was fourth and Brawley's Justin Rowe (45) finished fifth.

In the midget division Brawley's Raymond Liston (55) and Anthony Liston (60) both placed first. The Gladiators' Ronnie Hernandez (87), Nathan Rowe (80) and Mikey Velasco (103) took second. Kassey Hammond (120) placed third and Jonathan Davila (55) finished sixth.


In the novice class Imperial's Cameron McNeer and Brawley's Joshua Wise (140) earned firsts. Brawley's Joseph Salazar (65) took second. Imperial's Ulysses Rodriguez and Brawley's Steven Gibson (80) placed fourth. The Gladiators' Cortland Bender (130) and Joseph Muller (112) were fifth.

In the schoolboy class Imperial's Raymond Elizalde and Anthony Elizalde took firsts. Brawley's Lorenzo Soto (90) and Frankie Piñedo (100) and Imperial's Derrick Wilson took second. Imperial's Emiliano Valenzuela and Brawley's Corey Carrarella (100) placed third. Imperial's James Smith and Brawley's Daniel Hansen (130) and Cameron Bender (125) took fifth. Brawley's Jason Antunez (105) was sixth.

Brawley's Alex Miranda (103.5) took first in the cadet class.

Calexico junior wrestling

HOLTVILLE — Six Calexico junior wrestlers took firsts at the Holtville meet recently.

Wrestlers earning firsts were Abraham Huie, Andre Acuña, Willie Burgos, Danny Martinez, Francisco Grijalva and Luis Lopez.

Calexico's Alonzo Vega, Joshua Patton and Alfonso Luquin placed second while Michael Martinez, J.D. Espinoza and Arath Albanez took third. Anthony Acuña and Fernando Arreola finished fifth.

Boys basketball tournament

CALEXICO — The McCabe Elementary seventh-grade boys basketball ‘A' team defeated the McCabe ‘B' team 37-22 to win the Imperial County Office of Education's basketball tournament at William Moreno Junior High here last weekend.

McCabe ‘A' got to the finals via wins over Westmorland (22-8) and Meadows (28-11). McCabe ‘B' knocked off Seeley (19-17) and Niland (35-10).

McCabe ‘A' players Garrett Partida, Paul Tabarez, Shane Hendrey, Ryan Bell and Gus Beltran were named the tournament's co-MVP's.


SEELEY — The winners of Saturday's Imperial Valley BMX Association races here over the weekend were:

Girls — Kiersten Brown (7), Kaelyn Godfrey (9), Katherine West (10) and Samantha Culp (14).

Cruiser — Cameron Lofgren (10), Juan Carillo (11), Justin Lofton (14) and David Garcia (36-40).

Novice — Johnathan Butler (5 and under), Nathan Binkinz (10) and Phillip Alvarez (11).

Intermediate — Zach Marrs (5 and under), Jayson Cardenas (6), Able Minjarez (8), Orion Perez (9), Derek Nay (12) and Blake Plourd (13).

Expert — Michael Wolfe (8), Cameron Lofgren (10), Juan Carrillo (11), Anthony Cowser (13), Justin Lofton (14), Greg Lyon (15) and Clarence Hightower (19-27).

El Centro junior wrestling

SANTEE — The El Centro Junior Wrestling Club competed at a tournament here this past weekend.

El Centro's Alfonso Osuna (60 pounds), Jacob English (95) and Jason Rangel (110) all took first place.

Alonzo Osuna (45), Marc Smith (55), Nicholas Alvarez (45), Manuel Romero (112) and Ricardo Beltran (110) all took second.

Damian Romero (48) and Robert Delgado (115) both took third while Joe Anthony Alvarez (55) and Cesar Avila (105) finished fifth.

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