Holtville city manager seeking input from staff, residents

January 26, 2001|By DORA DEPAOLI, Staff Writer

HOLTVILLE — City Manager John Jordan is hoping residents take the time to help the city staff put together a list of suggestions for a mission statement.

In recent years it has become customary for many cities to list their goals and objectives in such a form. Jordan said departments within the city such as administration and public works, police and fire and water and sewer already have mission statements.

The proposed proclamation would be an overall vision for the city. A mission statement is frequently requested when cities are "going for outside grants or assistance," Jordan said.

Holtville isn't the only local city without a mission statement. The cities of Calipatria and Imperial, similar in size to Holtville, are without such statements as well.


Holtville Mayor Victor Gillespie said he had noticed a lot of big businesses and organizations, including the Imperial Irrigation District, have mission statements.

"I would like to get some input from the residents," Gillespie said.

Allen Bailey, mayor pro tem, said the mission statement is a means for the council to set forth what it thinks Holtville's citizens want.

"I think we are all concerned with keeping it a safe community," Bailey said. "I think we would probably all encourage growth, controlled growth. Whatever we do we don't want to lose touch with keeping it a small town."

Jordan said he had checked mission statements of other cities and came up with the following sample list. He added the items are not in any order of importance and asked residents to feel free to change, add to or delete any of items.

The city of Holtville is committed to providing quality services, the protection of the environment and our community lifestyles. To achieve this commitment the city has established the following goals:

1. To safeguard the health and safety of our residents, visitors and property.

2. Maintain Holtville's desirable living environment through good planning which recognizes the need to preserve its diverse social fabric, hometown character and small town atmosphere.

3. Holtville actively involves all citizens in the decision-making process.

4. Implement strategic planning to provide and maintain adequate streets, sidewalks, public buildings, parks, municipal utilities and public transportation.

5. Encourage new development, but maintain the city's commitment to quality design, the preservation of historic structures, open space and parks.

6. Develop and maintain a regional cooperation among our neighboring communities and government agencies in areas of mutual concern.

7. Promote and encourage an environment that looks to develop retail facilities, recreational and tourist attractions and job-producing projects.

8. Maintain and strengthen our well-trained, responsive and courteous work force.

9. Prudently manage the city's financial resources and provide for adequate reserves.

People interested in contributing to the list are asked to drop off their suggestions at City Hall or mail them to the city manager, 121 W. 5th St.

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