Voice: Feinstein makes Kennedy look sane on gun issues

January 28, 2001

I don't feel so bad now about Ted Kennedy. Your Sen. Feinstein has surpassed him in inanity. Way to go, California!

So there was Sen. Feinstein during the recent Ashcroft "lynching" explaining why she carried an "assault revolver" back in 1976, but now she is more educated about firearms and believes no one should carry a gun.

Query: Was Sen. Feinstein "smarter" then and "dumber" now, or is she "smarter" now and "dumber" then?

Query: How the heck are we supposed to know the difference?

By the "logic" of Sen. Feinstein, if you are disarmed and defenseless, you are "safer," not unlike the Holocaust victims were "safer" by being disarmed and defenseless. That is in today's Feinstein "logic." Tomorrow she may change her mind again, based upon unknown parameters.

Thank you, California.

Also, wish me luck. I go to court this week for the 10th time after having been arrested for trying to apply for a right to possess firearms in Massachusetts back in February 2000. Trying to buy this right has gotten me falsely arrested by the Stoughton police for trespass and disorderly conduct after I was invited to go to the police station to buy this right. The right to buy this right has cost me over $15,000 in legal fees because of the numerous continuances requested by the Norfolk District Attorney's Office, something about the "dog ate their homework."


So here I go over to the same courthouse where Sacco and Vanzetti were tried and … Oops, never mind wishing me luck. Can you send me money to bribe the District Attorney's Office?


Stoughton, Mass.

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