Voice: Federal money should not go to abortions, pro-choice advocate says

January 28, 2001

The order signed by Bush recently in no way affects the choice of women in the United States.

There is already a law in effect that U.S. dollars cannot be used in family planning clinics to pay for abortion.

Why is this not being reported? All Bush affirmed today was that similarly, U.S. dollars are not going to fund abortions overseas, either. You report opinions instead of the facts merely to make Bush look wrong. This is horrible, skewed, biased and unacceptable news reporting.

The country is nearly equally divided on the abortion issue. I personally believe abortions should stay legal, but I do not want any federal tax dollars to pay for anyone's abortion. The liberal media automatically and inaccurately makes the woman out to be a victim when it was SHE who voluntarily allowed herself to become pregnant. Why are HER actions not called into account? Why is HER irresponsibility not called on the carpet?


The liberal media prefers to paint Bush as a bad guy. But in reality, instead of advancing freedom for women, the media prefers to perpetuate the myth that "women are stupid" and must be taken care of.

But because I and other Americans do not wish to pay for her abortion, what we are really saying to this and other reckless, irresponsible women is that we suckers/taxpayers are not going to pay for their behavior. If these women want abortions, then they should pay for the abortions themselves, not the taxpayer. If the woman is too poor to pay for an abortion, then she should seek private charity or have the sperm donor (what a novel idea!) foot the bill.

Paying for abortions is neither the duty nor obligation of taxpayers but the obligation of the men and women who choose to have unprotected sex. The unborn child is clearly the loser. Promoting irresponsible behavior and backing it with tax dollars should not be condoned nor tolerated in a civilized society.


San Diego

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