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Voice: New administration taking country on righteous path, give it a chance

January 30, 2001

As I read the differing views that are printed in Voice of the People, I see a common thread that runs through all of them. Almost without exception, everyone believes that his/her viewpoint is the right viewpoint.

This is one of the basic reasons America is a great nation; we have the freedom to express our views, right or wrong, openly. With our recent election has come a flurry of views, either left or right. My question is, left or right of what? What is it that we use, as Americans, to measure "center," and is the "center" the guide?

A couple hundred years ago, when we started this nation, a large group of like-minded people gathered to set down their views and separate themselves from a government system that had kept them in bondage by its laws. You know the rest of the story. Well, our Constitution is a compilation of these views. Now, were these articles set forth in the Constitution right or wrong? Were they right at that time and wrong and archaic now? Are some right and some wrong, depending on our personal views? Or do we manipulate what is written to fit what we want?


What I've been seeing lately is the latter. We've allowed this nation to be changed from what the original documents set forth as our direction and changed our allegiances to fit the desires of a very small percentage of the people.

This nation was founded as a Christian nation and reaffirmed that fact by the Supreme Court in the late 1800s. It wasn't set down that everyone had to be Christian or even believe the same, but that this nation, this republic, would be governed based on a belief system that declared the sovereignty of the one true God. All laws given would be measured against His law. A national "moral code of ethics" would overshadow every decision.

This is what was "intended" to be the "center," the measure by which everything would be weighed. Now this is considered "the far right," and not only the far right but also wrong, bigoted, narrow-minded and "behind the times." They say, "We're much smarter now."

If there is to be any hope that these "united" States of America remain, we must become re-"United." We are "A people" driven by a single cause, the quest for freedom. If we want to continue to be a "blessed nation," we must return to a common moral code, something as simple as "love your neighbor." If we begin to care for our "neighbor," we'll stop wronging them. It's really pretty easy.

I am naive enough to actually believe that this is possible, and I also think that our new administration believes it, too. I say that we give him a chance and begin to do our part and watch what happens. I believe we'll actually bless the heart of Almighty God and He will smile on us once again. In contrast, to do nothing and continue on the path we're on, the outcome is too grievous to even consider.


El Centro

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