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Council discusses labor negotiations in closed session

February 01, 2001|By ANTHONY LONGORIA, Staff Writer

BRAWLEY — In a special meeting Wednesday afternoon, the Brawley City Council met in closed session to discuss labor negotiations with various city employee organizations.

The council also discussed extending the contract of City Manager Jerry Santillan for three years.

Councilwoman Jo Shields said the council took no official action out of closed session on finalizing contracts with Santillan or the employee groups.

She said such actions could come during the council's regularly-scheduled meeting Tuesday.

Santillan has served as city manager since 1995. In a past interview Brawley Mayor Wayne Johnson said the council was in unanimous support of extending his contract for three years and in granting him a raise.

Johnson has credited Santillan for his efforts to bring in grant funding to help develop projects such as the city's new water treatment plant and the proposed upgrade to the waste-water treatment plant.


In regards to the employee groups' contracts, the city in its budget approved 3-percent salary increases for all employee groups.

Information was unavailable on whether the finalized contracts will include that same amount.

The council has been involved in a labor dispute with the Brawley Public Safety Employees Association, which said the city broke negotiations by approving the budget with a 3-percent increase.

The association argued the city approved that raise before taking part in negotiations on an offer the police had made that called for a 20 percent increase.

Shields declined to say whether the council expects to finalize talks with the police officers during Tuesday's council meeting.

Staff Writer Darren Simon contributed information to this story.

Staff Writer Anthony Longoria can be contacted at 337-4052.

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