Thank You: Family Treehouse survivor thanks

February 01, 2001

First and foremost, I would like to thank my husband for supporting me no matter how crazy my ideas are; my daughter for getting to bed without me tucking her in. Thanks, Dad, for all the meals, especially the vegetables. (Remember, eat five a day for good health!) Thanks to my sister Annie and Mom for flagging down people off the street and challenging anyone they could think of.

Not enough thanks can be given to Blake Miles and his family for sharing their home with the entire Imperial Valley. Without them, my 77-hour stay would not have been possible. Darla, you are a gem!

I must thank Cherie Alford for her support and gift of time. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks to John Levechio at Q96 and DJ Toby for getting the message out; Airtouch Cellular (Mark Gran) for the air time; Brawley Inn for the prize package; Channel 13-CBS (Mayte Nuñez and Edward Mendibles) for making us newsworthy; and to Golden Corral (Alfonso Cardenas) for the balloons. Thank you, Gary, for all your hard work.


Finally, I must thank all the friends and family who came up into the tree house and shared their smiles, their dreams and their tears. The tree house will always be a safe place to share. Thank you, Karla, for checking in on me and keeping my mind off the cold. Thank you for encouraging me, Monica. I would have surely come down sooner. Thank you, Brian, for all your spiritual guidance.

Lots of Treehouse thanks to all who reached into their pockets, especially to all the children who sacrificed their allowances, prize money (you, Carleigh!) and snack money. Moms and dads, you should be very proud of yourselves. You've done a great job showing them the importance of selflessness.

Thank you to the board of directors; Cesar Bermudez, Pat Maruca, Terri Shiffer, Cindy Bass and David Hernandez for allowing me to represent the Family Treehouse. The Family Treehouse cannot be built without you. Imperial Valley, we can do it together!

Thank you for all your support!

Congratulations Joshua Johnson and family for winning the prize pack. I came down at 3 p.m Monday, Jan. 29.



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