Downed power line leads to outage in much of Calexico

February 01, 2001|By RUDY YNIGUEZ, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — A large portion of this city's central area lost power this morning due to what appears to be a downed line in the area of Ollie Avenue and Birch Street.

The outage occurred about 8 a.m., according to Imperial Irrigation District Public Affairs Manager Ron Hull.

"It did cause a lot of problems in some areas," he said, adding that most of region had electricity back on within 40 minutes except for the area of the city's two outdoor swap meets, Santo Tomas and El Ramate.

"What caused the line to go down is hard to say," Hull added.

Hull said the outage stretched from the swap meet area in the northern reaches of the city to the Hotel De Anza senior apartments on the cusp of the downtown shopping district.

Calexico Public Works Director Mariano Martinez said this morning power was lost to both the city water and wastewater treatment plants in the southwesterm portions of Calexico.


Still, he said sewer and water service was not interrupted because power generators at both plants are set up to take over in the event of power outages.

Martinez said the only substantial inconveniences caused by this morning's outage resulted from inoperable traffic signals along Imperial Avenue.

A person contacted at the Calexico Fire Department this morning said fire officials were on the scene at Ollie Avenue investigating the matter.

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