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Probe: February 2, 2001

February 02, 2001

QUESTION: I saw the commercial promoting the annual Pig Bowl being played at Southwest High School in El Centro. I was puzzled at the idea that a high school would be considered a charity.

I have participated in this worthwhile event and played in several previous Pig Bowls, two against Yuma and one against the Naval Air Facility. I was injured before a game against Yuma. That was back when Jeff Penn was the quarterback. Bobbie McGee coached the first time I played.

I don't recall Central or Imperial high schools being listed as a charity. I won't be attending this year. — Former Pig Bowler, El Centro

That's too bad. You're going to miss a good game. Our spies say the law enforcement Pigs will be rooting up the field Saturday to bury the Scorpions, or state correctional officers. The Scorpions have won their last two outings against the Pigs.


Obviously, it's been awhile since you participated. Technically the event is now the Charity Bowl, not the Pig Bowl.

The game pits a team composed of Imperial County Law Enforcement Officers against correctional officers from Centinela and Calipatria state prisons.

John Dougan, game coordinator, says it's a full pad, full body contact game with players who are big and mean. George Moreno is the co-coordinator.

The players hope to raise $3,000, with $1,000 of that going to Southwest's football program and $2,000 to Neighborhood House in Calexico.

QUESTION: When I got my statement from the state Department of Motor Vehicles that my pickup registration would be due in a couple of months, I sent the money ($300) right away.

Before the new stickers arrived I traded in the pickup on a new small car at an Arizona dealership.

I sent the stickers back to the California DMV for a refund. DMV sent me a letter back denying the refund. It kept the stickers.

The Arizona dealer refused to pay for my stickers. He said he didn't need California stickers. What can I do? — Stuck, Calexico

We don't know if we can help you but maybe we can prevent somebody else from falling into the same trap.

In some cases, DMV will refund the cost of stickers to a buyer who doesn't need them anymore. For instance, if your vehicle is "totaled" in a wreck, you may be able to get a refund. It may be worth a try to pick up an ADM-399 application for a refund at any DMV office and send it in.

Your plight shows that buying your vehicle tags at the last minute is not a bad idea. If you do buy early and trade cars before your registration is due, you may be able to negotiate with the dealer to give you credit against the license fee on your new car.

We remind you that it's easier to deal with a car dealer before you buy his product than later.

QUESTION: I am afraid if they string ropes with balls across the All-American Canal to save the lives of immigrants it will lead to the deaths of our own young people. Won't the ropes pose a challenge to our young people and won't that cause drownings? — Worried, Imperial

That's one more thing to worry about. One thing we never have to worry about is running out of things to worry about.

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