Thank You: Happy birthday, indeed

February 03, 2001

To be able to share in the joy of our mom's 90th birthday celebration was indeed a privilege. Many people worked earnestly and diligently to make this event a success. It is to these people we extend a heartfelt "thank you!"

The music provided by the grandchildren, Cami Mohamed and Ryan Jones, was truly a delight for our mom — can one ever top grandkids? The Silva family from San Diego offered musical renditions that thrilled everyone's heart — it was wonderful to think they came all the way "over the hill" to be a part of mom's birthday party.

Dorothy Griggs formatted beautifully designed bookmarks to hand out to each birthday guests; these will long be cherished by everyone receiving one. The gorgeous corsage presented by Margaret Alcala was delicately created with love and affection.

Jan Magno was instrumental in helping with photo presentations of old pictures used on the bulletin board — they looked great! To Claudia Gonzalez and Victor Jaime and Dave, who assisted us with re-production efforts, we're most appreciative. Anita LeMert, too, was always available whenever we needed help with copying or encouragement. Our videographer, Jim Rozmus, and photographer, Don Biagi, did a magnificent job of capturing the afternoon's events — we'll cherish these memories, captured on film, forever.


The kitchen crew was great! Genie and Bill Gordon, Kathy and Hugh McPhink, Millie Ralls, Gwen Bradford, Karen Laughrin and Vera Proctor all worked diligently to make everything run smoothly.

Schannon Mohammed did an awesome job on his graphically designed Happy Birthday banner — Mad Graphix can really put out great work!

Our greeters, Rosalinda Cardenas and Frances Nuñez, along with their daughters, pleasantly and warmly welcomed all our guests.

The hall was setup to exact specifications by Chris Hardesty and the New Creations team — they are so helpful and a wonderful group with whom to work.

Suzi Jacobsen and Abe Rubalcava were both so helpful in assisting us with research on information items we needed for music and commentary.

May the blessing of God always be with each of you as you share your various gifts of friendship. We will ever be grateful to you for helping to make our mom, Floris Perkinson, have one of the happiest days of her 90 year life!





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