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Our Opinion: Santillan extension deserved

February 06, 2001

The Brawley City Council is considering extending the contract of City Manager Jerry Santillan for three years. It appears the council is united in its support of Santillan and the council is expected to make the final decision tonight.

We think the council would be wise to grant Santillan the extension — he has proven he can both run the city and generate progress for Brawley.

Santillan has helped bring in millions of dollars in grant funding to make projects come to fruition. He has fought hard for Brawley at the state and federal levels and that is what the city is going to need if it is to grow and prosper.

Through his lobbying efforts Santillan helped drum up the money to cover costs associated with building the city a new water treatment plant and he has worked to bring in the necessary funds to build a new city wastewater treatment plant. Both plants are critical to Brawley in that they will make it possible to meet needs associated with growth.


Economic development through commercial, industrial and housing growth is what Brawley needs. For much too long there has been little development in Brawley. Santillan is keenly aware of that and can offer the city the leadership needed to start a new period of expansion.

The position of city manager in most places is usually not one held by any individual for much more than five years. It is a difficult job, due in part to the fact that when new councils are elected they may find fault with the individual in that slot or just rid themselves of that person on a whim.

It would be a mistake to replace Santillan at this point. He knows the history of current projects. He understands the requirements tied to the loans and grants Brawley has received for such projects. He has leadership skills to ensure projects are completed and the needs of the city are met.

There is much for Brawley to accomplish in the coming months and years. While the water plant finally is finished, after years of controversy, the wastewater treatment plant project is just getting started. There is a huge private beef plant under construction and it is expected to open in October. There is the Luckey Ranch development, more than 500 acres recently annexed into the city upon which industrial, commercial and housing development is to occur.

To keep watch over these issues, Brawley needs experienced leaders. Santillan has proven his ability and he deserves another three years to continue to prove his worth. We wish the city luck in its effort to grow, as we wish Santillan luck with the great many tasks he will face over the next three years.

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