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Voice: Alatorre's professionalism, integrity as mayor questioned

February 06, 2001

The Calexico City Council requested a meeting with all the Calexico commissioners. The objective was to better the communication between city personnel, the community and the City Council. The community was given the opportunity to voice their problems and concerns.

Javier Alatorre, city mayor, began the meeting by mentioning the importance to provide quality services and treating everyone in the public with appropriate formality, professionalism and courtesy. It's important to mention all the groups were given the opportunity to speak and to make their presentations and discuss their problems and concerns. It wasn't until after Ms. Guadalupe Rios, director of the Calexico Housing Authority, finished with her presentation that a concerned citizen got up to address the council when he was abruptly interrupted by Mayor Alatorre and told he could not address the council at that time.

Mayor Alatorre's action showed again he can't be an impartial party when it comes to discussing any Housing Authority issues, let alone anything that implies to Ms. Rios.


Why is it every time we want to discuss the problems we have at the Calexico Housing Authority that Mr. Alatorre either does not have the time or it is not the time or place to discuss these issues?

The day of the meeting you provided the community with the "council norms and procedures." This document refers to the council's responsibilities to its community; it also discusses the appointments to the city commissions. The commissions' responsibilities are to make decisions that will enhance the quality of life for their community.

Remember, Mr. Alatorre, you have previously shown our community your inability to be impartial in matters that refer to the Calexico Housing Authority. Your first responsibility is to place your best interest in the community you swore you would serve before serving your personal interest. You and the rest of the members of the City Council are aware of the number of problems and the needs of the residents of the Calexico Housing Authority. It's time these problems are resolved.

To be given respect you must show respect for others. I chose to again give you the opportunity to give our community an example of your professionalism and your biased behavior when it comes to dealing with anything related to the Housing Authority. Beforehand we the residents of the Housing Authority knew where you stand in reference to the problems facing this organization.

Again we remind you your responsibility when you decided to take the oath for mayor and City Council for the city of Calexico was to look for the betterment of the community and not to favor your personal benefits or show favoritism to certain individuals.

I thank Mr. Gilbert Grijalva, John Renison and Richard Inman for giving us the opportunity to voice our problems and concerns and to ask questions and be more informed of what is really happening at the Calexico Housing Authority.

The mission statement for the city of Calexico was; "Together, we pledge to provide effective and efficient services, in a courteous and respectful manner, to improve the quality of life for all in our unique border community."

We asked where are Mayor Javier Alatorre's courteousness and respectfullness for a concerned citizen?



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