Imperial Valley Press takes on new look with page width

February 06, 2001

A close look at today's Imperial Valley Press will reveal a change — we've trimmed our printed width by nearly 1 and a half inches.

In an effort to combat the escalating costs of newsprint and join in what has become our industry's standard, the Imperial Valley Press has reduced the printed image on each page from 13 inches across to 11.625 inches.

The length of the newspaper's printed image, however, will remain the same.

Said Press Editor and Publisher Dave Leone: "We'll print all the news, all the advertising on a little bit smaller web. All the consumer will see is a little bit less white space.

"There is no reduction in the content the consumer is getting," he said.

Leone added most newspapers servicing nearby areas, from the San Diego Union-Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, to the Palm Desert Sun and the Yuma Daily Sun, have already switched to the smaller width.


"It reduces our newsprint costs," he said. "Most newspapers are doing this. It makes sense and allows us to keep our costs down so we don't have to pass on any additional costs to the consumer."

For several weeks this newspaper's classified advertising department has employed the smaller width. Today marks the first time the editorial and display advertising departments have followed suit.

Clifford James, the newspaper's press superintendent, said the reduced-width image will continue to be printed on the old style of newsprint until those supplies are exhausted.

He said a smaller-width newsprint will likely start being used in about two weeks.

Leone added, "From an environmental standpoint, it's less paper used."

The change will result in a 9 percent reduction of newsprint used per page.

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