Voice: Mount Signal exhibits combined, now on display in San Diego

February 07, 2001

OK, it's time to let the cat out of the bag. Absolutely the best kept secret in the Imperial Valley is not even in the Imperial Valley! No, it is going on in San Diego at this very moment!

In my wildest imagination I would never have dreamed this was possible, but it IS happening. No doubt about it; the chances of it ever happening again are almost nil.

In the art gallery of San Diego State University on the San Diego campus there is in progress a really great art exhibit. Artists from the Imperial and Mexicali valleys are having a fabulous art exhibit. This is a fairly common event here at home with the Fair and Fiesta, Pioneers' Museum, Steppling Gallery and the OPOP exhibits, but in San Diego?

Thirty-four, that's right, 34 local artists all sharing their individual interpretations of Mount Signal. Yes, you heard right; all 54 pictures are of Mount Signal. Boring? Fifty-four pictures of Mount Signal? No way! But no two are alike. In fact, they are as different as night and day.


It is a fascinating exhibit to see. You'll never know how many different faces and personalities Mount Signal is capable of until you see this show.

You will see oils, watercolors, pen and ink, pastels, acrylics and more. You will also see an 8-foot long, three-dimensional sculpture of Mount Signal rendered by the Museo Universitario, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexicali; a 13-foot-long steel and concrete sand spike sculptured by Joanne Dutton, who is responsible for building the wildlife and cattlemen's galleries at Pioneers' Museum; and other interesting items including a collection of original Mount Signal sand spikes. You've never heard of sand spikes? Learn about your valley, your home. San Diego is learning.

As clarification, some of you have already seen portions of this exhibit. In October inSITE 2000 sponsored "Signs of the Imperial Valley/Los Signos del Valle de Mexican" in three locations: Pioneers' Museum, Steppling Gallery SDSU Calexico and Museo Universitario in Mexicali. The difference between what you may have seen then and the San Diego showing is all three of the local exhibits are combined into one big exhibit! And what an exhibit it is!

The public is encouraged to visit this on-campus gallery. So if you are heading toward San Diego, include this as one of your stops. You will never see this many pictures of Mount Signal in one place again. (Exit College Avenue south off Interstate 8, turn right at the top of the hill on Aztec Circle Drive and follow to parking lot 160. Don't hesitate to ask directions if you need help.)

It runs through March 3.

Many thanks to all who participated. A special thanks to Alan McCollum of New York City who dreamed up this unique exhibit and to the supporters of inSITE who provided the financial backing.


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