County eyes redistricting, accepts law enforcement grants

February 07, 2001|By RUDY YNIGUEZ, Staff Writer

The first discussion on how to redraw supervisorial lines for redistricting purposes was held by the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

The board was presented with copies of the state Elections Codes, which requires the redistricting be overseen by certain county personnel, including the district attorney as the chairman and the county assessor and county elections official.

Population figures the county will need to perform the task will come from last year's census.

In addition to redistricting, Supervisor Joe Maruca urged the board to do what it can to minimize voter fraud.

"I don't say the candidates are dirty, but sometimes someone who works for them can be a little zealous," he said.

Maruca found numerous irregularities related to voter registration and absentee balloting during the buildup to November's general election. He reported those to the district attorney, who is investigating.


Head county elections official Dolores Provencio assured the board that her office purges voters who either do not vote in two consecutive federal elections or from whom elections material are returned by mail and who fail to respond to a request to re-register to vote.

In the end, the board formed an ad-hoc committee to begin looking into redistricting, and the issue is expected to be on the board's agenda again next week.

In other business, the board approved a $2.47 million state juvenile detention facility construction grant request on behalf of the county Probation Department. The grant would be used to upgrade the facility's security, facility programming, safety and health care. The upgrade would also increase the number of beds by 18 to 90. The county must contribute a matching cash amount of $489,000 and an in-kind match of $200,009.

The board also authorized acceptance of two law enforcement grants associated with the Glamis Dunes and the Sheriff's Office. One is for $129,000 for equipment and the second is for $156,000 for the hiring of two sheriff's deputies and associated costs. The county's total contribution in matching funds is $66,000.

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