Probe: February 7, 2001

February 07, 2001

QUESTION: When the Brawley police stopped my husband last September, they sent him to the hospital to test his blood for alcohol. He tested .08.

Two or three weeks later we got a bill for $233.35. The letter said if we didn't pay this right away, the account would be turned over for collection. Naturally, we paid it.

My husband finally went to court this week. The judge fined him $1,500 and ordered him to go to traffic school. The school costs $200. If he wants his driver's license back (he does), he has to pay a $100 fee.

My husband is an alcoholic but his arrest in September was his first offense. What bothers me is why the Brawley police charged him for being arrested. Can they do that? — Wife, Brawley


Sure they can. A state law passed 15 or 20 years ago gave cities and law enforcement agencies the right to recover their costs in arresting drunk drivers.

The idea is a small percentage of people soak up most of the time of cops, so why not let them pay for it?

We saw one statistic saying a driving under the influence ticket will add up to $5,000 or more with all the costs.

It's only money.

It could have been worse. Your husband might have been involved in a fatal accident. In that case he could have been charged with murder and drawn a life sentence.

Better get your hubby into a good 12-step program to give up drinking and driving. If he keeps drinking and driving, your family will be poor as church mice.

AN E-MAIL CORRECTION — My mother-in-law is Elaine Smith, the lady who has been searching for her father, Klein Pierce, all her life.

In the article Mrs. Smith's e-mail address was incorrect. The correct address is Mrs. Smith is desperate for any information anyone might have. — Daughter-in-law, Blackshear, Ga.

When we make a mistake, we're happy to take our lumps. After all, we are only human.

In this instance, we were not wrong. We printed correctly the address we got on three different letters, including the original e-mail from Mrs. Smith.

We found her father. He is buried in a county grave at Evergreen Cemetery in El Centro.

Nevertheless, we want to help, so we printed the new e-mail address. See above. Good luck!

ON THE ROAD AGAIN — PROBE did it again! El Centro police released my friend Dan's bicycle. He is so happy. — Dan's Friend, El Centro

We don't have to take your word for that …

FEELIN' GOOD — We cut through the red tape today and released the bicycle back to that young man with Down syndrome. He was overjoyed! — ECPD, El Centro

Don't you feel good? There's no feeling like doing something that makes somebody else ecstatically happy.

In this case, you made at least three people happy: Dan's friend, Dan, PROBE and maybe a couple people at ECPD!

Let's make some more people happy!

WHERE DID ROSIE GO? — They've taken Rosie away again. They put Rosie on Monday through Friday at 11:30 p.m. Now they're showing sitcoms at that time.

You can watch Jerry Springer ad nauseam in the Valley but no Rosie. What does that say about our viewing habits?

Would you please help me find out if "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" is airing in the Valley and when? — Rosie's Fan, El Centro

OK, readers, here's your chance to make somebody happy. Tell us where to find Rosie O'Donnell on local television dials!

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