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Voice: Republicans lose sense and memories when it comes to Clintons

February 08, 2001

Here we go again! I cannot believe what Republicans are saying about the Clintons now! The hypocrisy is UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE! I don't get it. They hate the Clintons so much it seems to make them forget about the things they do, which most of the time are worse! I'll give you four examples.

First, let's tackle the pardon issue. Clinton pardoned this Rich guy who was indicted for tax evasion and fled the country. Most Republicans are saying pardons should go to people who have at least served some time in jail. Well, why didn't these same Republicans say that about people indicted who President George Bush Sr. pardoned, including, I believe, Oliver North, and quite a few others in the Iran-Contra fiasco? I wonder if Bush asked the Justice Department if it was OK to pardon these people before he did it? I guess not paying your taxes is worse than bargaining with terrorists and helping people kill each other.


Second, let's take the Monica thing. All the while people like Newt Gingrich and Henry Hyde were bashing Clinton for cheating on his wife, come to find out these two and others (including the one who was going to replace Newt as speaker before Dennis Hastert did) were living in glass houses! Especially Newt. He was doing basically the same thing Clinton was doing except she was one of his aides, not an intern.

Third, let's tackle Sen. Hilary Clinton's book deal. Republicans complain about her getting an $8 million advance on her book. They bring up Newt Gingrich and that he had to give his $4 million back. Well, Newt brought that on himself. The House made those rules. He was speaker of the House and he could have changed them! The Senate doesn't have the same rules, because many senators have written books including (I believe) John McCain, R Ariz. They also seem to forget the fact that our new secretary of state, Colin Powell, got a $6 million advance on his book!

Finally, the ultimate in hypocrisy is the complaints about the $190,000 in gifts and furniture the Clintons got from friends over the eight years they were in office. They have conveniently forgotten that friends, on his way out the door gave their hero, their God on earth, President. Ronald Reagan a $2.5 million house! Not just furniture and expensive knickknacks, an entire house! I guess its OK to take a $2.5 million house but take $190,000 in furniture and all hell breaks loose!

For those who haven't figured it out yet, that's a $2.31 million difference. That doesn't take into account that it was 12 years ago. So in today's terms you are probably talking in the neighborhood of $4-5 million, really a difference of anywhere from $3.81 to $4.81 million!

It's crazy. For some reason when it comes to the Clintons, Republicans just loose their minds!


El Centro

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