Our Opinion: These kids are deserving

February 12, 2001

It is always good news when kids working hard to achieve success are rewarded for their efforts.

Recently, the Imperial Valley received grant funds that will extend the life of one program for hard-working youth, and the county is going after another grant that would help youths with academic success achieve more.

The Southwest Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts in El Centro has received a state grant that will continue indefinitely. It means $42,000 for the remainder of this year, $71,000 next year and $81,000 in years to follow. According to program officials, the money will provide additional equipment, professional and curricular development and field trips.

It's an important grant on many levels. One important thing it tells local youth is that their efforts mean something. It tells the teens people care about their hard work and are paying attention. It is important that we receive money to help educate kids in the performing arts because it is a form of education that can open a young person's mind to new worlds.


Imperial County is going after a $1 million federal grant that would benefit students in the North County. The idea is often funds for youth are geared toward those at-risk or in need of special help to succeed. One group that may be underserved is young people getting decent grades. It is good to see a grant reach out to such youths. It will be a while before the county learns whether it will receive that money. We think the chances are good we will.

While we're on the topic of young people, we are pleased to see the development of a radio talk show run by youth for youth. The program is called "Teen Talk" and airs from 4 to 8 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays on KUBO 88.7 FM. Teens need a place where they can discuss their concerns and a radio show on which they can share such talk with other young people is a wonderful idea.

We look forward to more grant money coming into the Imperial Valley for youths and to more innovative programs to help make young folks feel more a part of the community.

We would urge the county and local schools to continue to pursue grant funds aimed at helping at-risk youth. We always must be concerned about keeping such teens in school and on the right path. But if we can reach out to those youths who are achieving and excelling, we should do that as well.

Our young people deserve our best efforts to help them get on track, stay on track and vault above that track to new heights.

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