Voice: Glamis Imperial lauds support, vows to continue fight for mine

February 12, 2001

We wish to express our appreciation to the people of Imperial County for your support during the extended permitting of the Glamis Imperial Project. Through six years and two full environmental reviews, we've received many thoughtful comments and have responded with innovative changes to the project.

We value the endorsement of groups such as COLAB and the chambers of commerce as well as the many expressions of individual support.

As part of the local business community for 20 years, we recognize the importance of mining jobs to Imperial County. It is disheartening to tell the 60-plus applicants from towns throughout Imperial County that the project again has been delayed. We had hoped to offer continued employment to our former Picacho Mine employees as well as workers from the nearby American Girl Mine. We also saw job opportunities for Mesquite Mine workers, should that operation complete its announced plans to cease mining later this year.


The Imperial Project offers even more local job prospects than did our Picacho Mine, the most distant of the operations from the Imperial Valley. Our Imperial Project employment projections are based largely on Mesquite's history, where two-thirds of the mine's workers have been from Imperial County through more than 15 years of operation. While Mesquite's employment today is only half of peak production, the same demographic trend continues with 102 of the 165 employees from 12 Imperial County communities.

As the last of the gold mines plans to close this year, the Imperial Project offered continued support to many local suppliers of goods and services to our industry. Mining has brought economic benefits to many Imperial County citizens and we hope to continue that tradition.

We realize the Imperial Project is only one part of a cumulative blow to Imperial County from the Department of the Interior that has recently placed restrictions on recreational use of the dunes and camping areas. Many people are questioning what will be next and how many jobs will be lost from those impacts over the coming months and years.

For our part, the justification used by the Department of Interior to deny the Imperial Project is unprecedented and not supported by existing law. Therefore, we must take our case to the courts. We believe we have designed an environmentally sound mining operation that has responded to all key issues. Both our company and Imperial County deserve to see it operate and we will continue to press for that opportunity. Thank you for your continued support.


Project manager

Glamis Imperial Corp.


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