Voice: Stop watching football, help the kids with homework

February 13, 2001

Place: Math class, junior high, eighth grade

Collecting homework Monday, one of the students approached me and said, "Mr. W., I didn't do my homework."

Teacher: "Why?"

Student: "I didn't understand it."

Teacher: "Why didn't you ask your mother for help?"

Student: "Oh, she's not good at math."

Teacher: "How about your dad?"

Student: "I wouldn't ask him because he's busy watching football on the weekend."

Teacher: "Saturday and Sunday?"

Student: "Yep, college football on Saturday and pro ball on Sunday. He even watches basketball. He and his friends live sports."


Football, Saturday and Sunday — three games Saturday, three games Sunday approximately 14 or 15 hours of sports, plus basketball, and the child afraid to ask for help on her school work.

My apologies to the sport fans who do enjoy sports, but give their offspring equal time — need I say more?



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