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Voice: Morrison wrong on most counts, particularly Republican hypocrisy

February 15, 2001

Mr. Morrison, you were wrong about the Electoral College and you are wrong about Republican hypocrisy.

After the Iran-Contra affair 14 people were charged with crimes. Six of those people were given pardons and Oliver North wasn't one. Oliver North was convicted of obstruction and receiving an illegal gratuity. His conviction was later overturned on appeal.

These 14 people committed multiple felonies that ultimately ended in the release of American hostages held by Iranian-backed terrorists. When it comes to moral and ethical depravity, the Iran-Contra affair pales in comparison to the Marc Rich story.

In addition to being indicted for the largest tax-evasion scheme in the history of the United States, Marc Rich committed treason by trading with Iran during the hostage crisis. Unlike the players involved in the Iran-Contra affair, Marc Rich fled the country to avoid prosecution.


The reason Republicans have a problem with Rich's pardon is not because they are hypocrites. It is because like every other executive power Clinton had, he abused it. Clinton pardoned 140 criminals, not including the 16 Puerto Rican cop killers he pardoned last year.

I can't decide which is worse, the pardoning of cop-killing terrorists or the pardoning of child molester Mel Reynolds.

Another interesting aspect of the pardon scam is many people on the list are closely associated to the Clintons. One such person is money launderer and obstructionist Susan McDougal of Whitewater fame.

Now let's go to the Monica thing. Mr. Morrison, you stated people like Henry Hyde were committing adultery while bashing Clinton. I'm curious as to how Mr. Hyde committed adultery when his wife of 45 years died in 1992, before Clinton became president.

There wasn't any hypocrisy or bashing of Clinton by Gingrich or Henry Hyde. If Clinton hadn't sexually assaulted Paula Jones or lied in a sworn deposition, no one would have known about the desecration of the Oval Office with Monica.

Mr. Morrison, there was no hypocrisy concerning the Reagan's house, either. On Feb. 6 Nancy Reagan was on "Larry King Live" and she stated the $2.5 million house was a loan obtained well before Reagan left office. Her statement is supported by an April 1988 Associated Press story that reported the house loan was run through the government ethics department. The report further stated the house was to be leased for three years with an option to buy at the end of three years.

Did the Clintons ask the government ethics department if it was OK to accept the gifts they received? If they had, they probably wouldn't have had to return $28,000 worth of government property (Imperial Valley Press, Feb. 9, page A5).

There is simply not enough room to keep smacking you down. However, you can rest assured everything else you wrote was wrong. If you are going to criticize people, you could at least be accurate.



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