Youth sports: Local wrestlers fare well in Redlands

February 16, 2001

REDLANDS — Brawley, El Centro and Imperial junior wrestlers competed in the Super Tournament at East Valley High School here over the weekend.

Brawley wrestlers scored two firsts with Chauncey Rowe taking the title at 105 pounds in the novice division and Frank Corona placing first at 190-plus in the novice class.

In the rookie class Brawley's Anthony Nuñez (45) took sixth and J.J. Morales (55) was second. El Centro's Alonso Osuna (45) took first.

In the bantam division Brawley's Oscar Lizarraga (55) took second.

In the midget division Brawley's Raymond Liston (55) finished sixth and Chris Mendoza (60) was third. El Centro's Alfonso Osuna (60) took first.


In the novice division Brawley's Rusty Garcia (150) was second and Joseph Salazar (65) was seventh.

In the schoolboy class Brawley's Lorenzo Soto (95) was third and Carlos Lizarraga (150) took second. Imperial's Junior Lara was sixth, Raymond Elizalde was third and Anthony Elizalde placed second.

The three teams also competed at the Mount Miguel Open in Spring Valley over the weekend.

In the rookie class Brawley's Nick Torres (45) took first as did El Centro's Damian Romero (47-53). Imperial's Jazz Suazo took second and Armando de la Rosa was fourth.

In the bantam class Brawley's Justin Rowe was fifth. Imperial's Quinton Likos was fourth and El Centro's Marc Smith (55) was second.

In the midget class Imperial's Alejandro de la Rosa took fifth and Brawley's Nathan Rowe (80) was second.

In the novice class El Centro's Angel Romero (112) took second and Imperial's Cameron McNeer took first.

In the schoolboy class El Centro's Ricardo Beltran (110) and Robert Murillo (heavyweight) took first while teammate Jason Rangel (110) was second. Imperial's Joshua Guerra finished third. Brawley's Cameron Bender (115) and Corey Caffarella (100) took third and Daniel Hansen (130) was fourth.

IVDA swimming

CORONADO — The Imperial Valley Desert Aquatics team competed at the Coronado Navy Swim Association's 12-and-under A/B/C meet here recently.

In the "A" division IVDA's Julia Hannon won the girls 10-and-under 50-yard breaststroke (39.41 seconds) and the 100 breaststroke (1 minute 31.53 seconds). She took third in the 100 individual medley (1:21.21), 50 butterfly (38:50), 200 freestyle (2:35.37) and 100 butterfly (1:27.69). Rafael Rojas-Reyes took second in the 50 backstroke (42.82) and the 100 freestyle (1:27.33).

In the "B" division IVDA's Elvia Vasquez took first in the girls 8-and-under 50 freestyle (40.14) and 100 individual medley (1:41.13) and third in the 100 freestyle (1:30.93). Rojas-Reyes won the 50 butterfly (45.09) and 100 individual medley (1:36.34) while taking second in the 50 breaststroke (56.95) . IVDA's Rene Rojas-Reyes won the girls 11-12-year-old 100 butterfly (1:17.95) and took third in the 200 individual medley (2:52.53). IVDA's Ali Hannon finished second in the 100 individual medley (1:43.45) and 50 butterfly (50.80) and third in the 50 freestyle (41.87).

In the girls 10-and-under division Julia Hannon was second in the 50 backstroke (39.43). IVDA's Alexandra Mason was third in both the 50 butterfly (45.09) and 100 breaststroke (1:56.66). In the 11-12-year-old girls division IVDA's Stevie Wills was second in the 50 backstroke (35.78) and third in the 200 freestyle (2:35.79) and 100 breaststroke (1:31.73).

In the "C" division Rafael Rojas-Reyes won in the 100 backstroke (1:36.60) and took third in the 100 butterfly (1:45.11). Mason won the 100 butterfly (1:41.88) and IVDA's Rene Rojas won the 50 butterfly (34.89) and took second in the 200 freestyle (2:36.30) and third in the 500 freestyle (6:45.21) and 50 breaststroke (43.79). Vazquez took third in the 50 breaststroke (1:01.63). IVDA's Anthony Mason was second in the 50 butterfly 956.12). IVDA's Raul Caro took third in the boys 10-and-under 50 freestyle (37.68).


SEELEY — Winners of Saturday's Imperial Valley BMX Association's races were:

Girls — Leslie Aubrey (6), Kiersten Brown (7), Shelbi Long (9), Katherine West (10) and Casey Barrera (12).

Cruiser — Cameron Lofgren (10), Brian Cannon (12) and Joel Rebik (31-35).

Novice — Johnathan Butler (5 and under), Tristan Roche (10), Daniel Sterling (11) and Ulysses Gonzalez (13).

Intermediate — Zach Marrs (5 and under), Carlos Hernandez (7), Tanner Holt (8), Michael Mauzy (9), Derek Nay (12), Robert Bragan (13) and Dagan Burden (14).

Expert — Matthew Martin (6), Ian Adame (8), Cameron Lofgren (10), Nic Long (11), Anthony Cowser (13) and Paul Meeks (15).

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