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Probe: February 16, 2001

February 16, 2001

QUESTION: In January I reserved an RV site at Sunbeam Lake. I paid $100 with our credit card. That's $153.11 in Canadian money.

On Feb. 1 my husband landed in the emergency room at Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley for treatment of a badly infected leg. His blood pressure was 195/95.

We decided that after he got out of the hospital, we should return to our home to Alberta, Canada.

I called Sunbeam to cancel our reservation. I knew there was a $25 cancellation fee.

Sunbeam Manager Louise Hall said I would get no refund at all. I should have notified the park 30 days in advance, she said. February has only 28 days.

She would not give me the owner's telephone number in Los Angeles but I know he is Danny Villanueva, the former football player.


We've been going to this park for 11 years. Why would she treat us this way because my husband got sick two days late? — No Refund, Alberta, Canada

Did you also know that Villanueva grew up in Calexico and still has friends in this area?

Hall hung tough with us, too. She said we must understand a business must make money! You should have called her 30 days in advance, she insisted. That's why you are not getting a $75 refund.

She didn't want to hear that you could not foresee Jan. 28 that your husband would get sick Feb. 1.

QUESTION: While shopping in a local market, I noticed a clerk stocking vegetables from boxes noting: "A product of Mexico."

I have been eating food from a country where you can't drink the water! A farmer told me Mexico uses pesticides that have been banned in this country for 20 years!

Does the federal government inspect vegetables when they cross the border for DDT residue? — Worried, El Centro

It does but we don't know how thoroughly they check the veggies.

Wash your produce no matter where it's grown. Microbes and chemicals are everywhere.

LET IT SNOW — Mount Signal was covered in snow in March 1949. My friends and I ditched school and headed for the hills. There was snow on the ground in Plaster City. — Chilled, Brawley

Thank you.

LET IT SNOW — In 1967 three-fourths of Mount Signal was covered with snow. … — Was There, Calexico

Snow fell to 1,100 feet that year, according to Pete Padilla of Calexico

LET IT SNOW — When it snowed in Calexico in 1932, all the kids ran outside to throw snowballs. One of the Montejano brothers grabbed a handful of snow, by then melting and more mud than snow, to make a snowball. Everybody was jumping around.

The Montejano boy threw the snowball at a boy and hit his girlfriend, Lupe Arce, instead. It muddied her dress and knocked her cold. — Long Memory, Calexico

That does it, we're buying snow tires and some thermal underwear.

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